• Outsourced Data CenterIntegrated healthcare frameworkInorQ introduces country’s first integrated healthcare delivery framework to centralize the all delivery components under a single platform.
  • Cloud is LoudCloud is LoudWe deliver technologies from cloud. In the software industry, "The Cloud" is used as a metaphor to represent the Internet.
  • Business VerticalBusiness VerticalAlmost every industry needs the essential IT services to grow in the business. We are there in everywhere. The enterprise segment would be a key driver for data revenue growth.
  • Limited Public WebLimited Public Web            Could there be a replacement for Public Web? The information must remain in public but for intended users.
  • Customer CentricCustomer CentricWe have many different tools and methods for your business developing. First of all we would like to catch your attention on the moment of the strategy.
  • Solutions PortfolioSolutions PortfolioInorQ has emerged as a leader in cloud solutions. We offer SaaS ownership model for more than 17 industry verticals that can benefit from the technology.

Welcome InorQ Technologies

Welcome to InorQ technologies -one of the premiere technology consulting company promoted by a group of seasoned technocrats and business professionals. The primary objective of the company is to empower every common man with technology which will in turn drive the society through a knowledge based techno system. Our solutions offer an inherently redundant and scalable infrastructure optimized for the best performance and backed by our world-class infrastructures that allow the experts ......


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    Turnkey cloud computing

    • Scalable infrastructure, high availability, reduced costs and less downtime

      IT environments demand flexible and scalable infrastructure, high availability, reduced costs and less downtime. The IT staff needs to provide faster provisioning of standardized application stacks, and new business services.

      Many enterprises are turning to a virtual private data center (private cloud) to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime.

      The primary challenge that Enterprise IT faces is the complexity of modern online applications.

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